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How do you make a 3-D Model of country?

I need the step-by-step process for creating a 3 Dimensional model of a country. The model should use something that becomes hard to show all the terrain (such as mountains etc.)

You could use any kind of clay**, and perhaps put it over some "forms" below it like wads of aluminum foil, cardboard toilet paper rolls, etc. Then paint it if you hadn't already colored the clay itself.

You could also texture the model to indicate various terrains, etc., or you after hardening you could add a layer of Elmers GlueAll then sprinkle on dirt, dried herbs or spices, glitter, whatever.

** you can buy "clays" at craft and art supply stores, and sometimes at hobby stores and it will come in all kinds of quality...for something like this you could even use Celluclay which is a dried shredded paper to which you'd add water...it can be sanded to smooth where necessary after drying or would make a nice ground-like texture on its own
...better-quality air-dry clays would be one like Creative Paperclay, but there are others
...you could even use polymer clays (like Sculpey, Premo, etc) but they have to be baked at 250-275 F for 15-45 minutes to harden (though you could do that in pieces), and they can be baked on top of foil/paper/etc forms too

you can also make various kinds of clays at home...the most common ones will be based on flour ("salt dough" or "bread clay") or based on paper (paper pulp clay, papier mache pulp). The paper-based ones will be lighter weight if that matters. You could also just use various cereals as your "clays" mixed with some watered-down Elmers GlueAll if necessary.

Check out some of these pages for info on making your own terrain, topographical map, etc:



http://glassattic.com/polymer/houses_structures_gingerbread.htm (click on Scenery, Landscaping, Etc)
This person even made a state and environs from cake:


And here is an actual kit for making "countries," etc (which is just "foam" pieces along with plaster-soaked gauze):


** some air-dry clays to make yourself:




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